World Weightlifters of the Year for 2013
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World Weightlifters of the Year for 2013

World Weightlifters of the Year for 2013

  • 21 Mar, 2014

Tatiana Kashirina (RUS) and Ruslan Albegov (RUS) were awarded the 2013 Lifter of the Year Trophy. According to the final results of the voting, the recipients of the prestigious titles in both genders became Russian weightlifters.

During last year’s World Championships, Kashirina improved the women’s absolute mark, the +75kg Clean and Jerk World Record to 190kg. And she did not call the year closed in Poland: at the President’s Cup in Moscow, shortly after the World Championships she set a new Total World Record (334kg) unprecedented in the history of women’s weightlifting. Her triumph has been ultimately confirmed by the voters.

Among the men, with the same kind of supremacy, the winner Ruslan Albegov is the 2013 superheavyweight World Champion. The Russian giant triumphed in Wroclaw with a impressive 464kg Total which is not so far from Hossein Rezazadeh’s fantastic 472kg World Record.

EWF President Dr Urso congratulated the Russian Weightlifting Federation and weightlifters  with the official letter as following;

Dear Mr. President,

      Dear Sergey,

With absolute pleasure 2013 recorded as "lifter of the year" two athletes of 'Europe: Tatiana Kashirina and Ruslan . Albegov who deserve· my appreciation for the important  results obtained  and  the  popularity  reached  in the  international  arena.

For this reason, on behalf of the EWF I have the pleasure to inform you that during the next congress held in Tel Aviv, April 4, 2014 will be recognized to Tatiana and Ruslan the "Gold Collar for sporting merif' , the highest recognition of the EWF.

Sure to meet you in Tel Aviv , I take this opportunity to congratulate once again you and your federation, wishing you all the best.

Dr Antonio URSO

EWF President