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Vasily Alekseev's memorial and Dorohi

Vasily Alekseev's memorial and Dorohi

  • 11 Oct, 2016

Shakhty is a small city on the south of Russia. Its population is 236749. But the city is famous as a motherland of 6 Olympic Champions for Weightlifting. One of them was Vasily Alekseev, who set 80 world records and 81 Soviet records in weightlifting and won gold medals at the 1972 and 1976 Summer Olympics. He was unbeaten and held the World Championship and European Championship titles for eight years. Vasily Alekseyev was acknowledged as the best sportsman of the 20th century.

Here you can see pictures of the Alekseev’s house where he lived and trained, sports equipment he made himself for back training, a small part of his medal collection.

 Nowadays Shakhty city have one of the best sports schools for weightlifting. On 29th of September Russian Weightlifting Federation celebrated 80th anniversary of Viktor Dorokhin, Honored Coach of Soviet Union and Russia for Weightlifting.