Shipment of bar donation starts
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Shipment of bar donation starts

Shipment of bar donation starts

  • 26 Feb, 2017

During the Executive Board meeting which was held in Eilat on December 2nd 2016 that:

President Urso proposed to kindly ask IWF to buy female and male bar and to send to the EWF member federations for the last part of the IWF contribution to EWF.

Then  EB members unanimously accepted the President proposal.


Nowadays shipment of female and male bar to your federation starts, if you don’t receive any information from ELEIKO company, please contact with ELEIKO Company and EWF Secretariat in order to get female and male bars.



ELEIKO Company Contact details:


Laura Miletti Angeles

International Sales

Mobile: +46 708314663

Fax: +46 35 17 70 79


Address: Korsvägen 31

SE-302 56 Halmstad | SWEDEN