Nedelcho Kolev: We get on our feet thanks to Minister of Sport Svilen Neykov
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Nedelcho Kolev: We get on our feet thanks to Minister of Sport Svilen Neykov

Nedelcho Kolev: We get on our feet thanks to Minister of Sport Svilen Neykov

  • 26 Nov, 2012

29 000 000 viewers will watch the European Weightlifting Championships in Varna


The Minister of Physical Education and Sport, Mr. Svilen Neykov, met the Dr. Hasan Akkus, Secretary General of the European Weightlifting Federation, and Mr. David Goldstrom, EWF Director of Television. As known, in April 2013 Bulgaria will host the continental men and women championships.


“Our state will support the hosting of the European Championships. Bulgarian weightlifting went through many difficulties in the last years and hosting this event is extremely important in order to regain our positions”, Minister Neykov said.


About 29 million viewers worldwide are expected to watch the European Championships, announced Mr. Goldstrom.


“We have a contract with the European Broadcasting Union. BNT is a member of this Union. Eurosport will broadcast Varna championships in 56 countries in 19 different languages. The Russian NTV+ is our partner too. In addition to Europe we also have transmissions to Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, and many other Asian countries. On average, about 29 million viewers watch the European weightlifting championships”, Goldstrom explained.


The meeting at Minister Neykov’s office was also attended by Mr. Nedelcho Kolev, President of the Bulgarian Weightlifting Federation, and Mr. Borislav Gidikov, Secretary General.


“I would like to congratulate Mr. Nedelcho Kolev with his election as member of the European Weightlifting Federation. Weightlifting is very popular in Bulgaria, as well as in my country, Turkey. Just like you, we had some difficulties, we organized several competitions and we managed to raise the interest of young generation to our sport”, Dr. Akkus said.


Nedelcho Kolev thanked Minister Neykov for his support to the revival of the Bulgarian weightlifting.


“I believe we will hold perfect championships. Our country has the experience from the previous years, but these championships will be the first for our federation. The help of the Ministry of Physical Education and Sports is very important to us. We will do our best to perform in the best possible way both as organizers and participants. After 2008 we had a very difficult period but thanks to the present government, and to Minister Neykov personally, we get on our feet again”, Kolev said.