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Great Sport Leader Mr. Gudar Beqiraj (ALB) has passed away!

Great Sport Leader Mr. Gudar Beqiraj (ALB) has passed away!

  • 11 May, 2020

With regret I have to inform you that today one of the icons of the Albanian Weightlifting, Mr. Gudar Beqiraj, has passed away! 
In addition to the fact of being a mathematician and holder of the Academic title awarded by the Academy of Sciences. He had a good carrier in the sport too, especially in Weightlifting. 

During his career he was:

1967-1974.  Weightlifter in the "Student" team.
1975-1982.  National weightlifting referee.
1982. Arbitrator of the first international weightlifting category.
1992-2000  President of the National Weightlifting Federation.
1996-2000  Vice President of the National Olympic Committee
1982-2003  Head of Albanian delegations to the Olympic Games, World Championships, Mediterranean Games and European and Balkan Weightlifting Championships.

2001- Diploma from the President of the International Olympic Committee, Juan Antonio Samaranch, for his valuable contribution as a volunteer for the development of sports and Olympism, as well as for the promotion of friendship and solidarity between peoples.

2007- Olympic Order, issued by the National Olympic Committee.

Prof.  Beqiraj, undoubtedly contributed a lot not only to the Albanian weightlifting but also to the world weightlifting.  For this reason, in November 2016, in a special ceremony, he received the highest appreciation from the World Weightlifting Federation (IWF) for his 50-year contribution to the development of the sport of Weightlifting.

2017-2018 Again President of Albanian Weightlifting Federation 

And he has been too, Honorary President of Albanian Weightlifting Federation. (One of the biggest titles that AWF can give)

He passed away today at 04:00 am, 72  years old! It is a big lost for Weightlifting Family!

The EWF and the weightlifting family extend their condolences to his family and the Albanian Weightlifting Federation.