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EWF Training Camp and Scientific Seminar started in Venspils Olympic Center Latvia

EWF Training Camp and Scientific Seminar started in Venspils Olympic Center Latvia

  • 15 Aug, 2017

EWF Training Camp and Scientific Seminar has been started again in Latvia, Ventspils Olympic Centre with participation of 35 weightlifters, 12 coaches and three EWF officials.

Total 50 delegates from ten nations attend the EWF Training Camp and Scientific Seminar.

EWF Officials are;

Dr Hasan AKKUS         EWF General Secretary,

Colin Buckley                 EWF Chairman of Coaching Research & Scientific Committee,

Eduards Andruskevics   EWF Member of Coaching Research & Scientific Committee,        

The weightlifters came from Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania and Norway, average age of weightlifters is 16 years old.

Young weightlifters start day early morning with exercises in Ventspils stadium then after breakfast they go to weightlifting centre for morning session training. Afternoon training sessions start at 15:00 and after dinner coaches attend the daily seminar at the hotel.

During the training camp coaches share their personal experiences with each other.

President Urso welcomes with a message and stated that:

Dear Delegates,

Dear Friends,

I would like to express, as a first thought, a personal thank to all of you for having accepted the EWF invitation for this Training Camp especially in August, when most people go on holiday. I want to thank everyone, the athletes who participated and your federations to be here today so numerous.

Let me express my appreciation for this event: the European training camp. This year's editions have recorded once again an hig number of participants in both events: Venstspils and Berlin for a total of 21 nations, 73 athletes and 40 coaches. An amazing success.

Unfortunately, as you have learned from the media, the latest IOC decisions about reducing the number of athletes to the Olympic Games have confirmed that the future of the weightlifting is very uncertain and that probably the model of management and organization of our sport must be radically renewed.

The European weightlifting is sure that you are witnesses in the near future of a new weightlifting model far from what we know today where there is no certainty of results and medals. You must renew the ethical and professional responsibility; you have in training young people and in their sporting and moral education.

This sport has been devastated for a long time by coaches who have not had any ethical rules, even with minors.

I turn to you with certain confidence that once again, Europe will be the lighthouse of the new international weightlifting sport.

Concluding, let me thank the Latvian Federation for generous and warm hospitality, especially President Eriks Jekabsons and Eduards Andruskevics; my special thank as well EWF Secretary General Dr. Hasan Akkus and EWF Executive Member Colin Buckley for the continued support they have been doing for years in all EWF activities.

Once again, thank you all wishing you a beautiful and constructive experience.

With appreciation”

Dr Antonio Urso

EWF President

EWF will organize South Europe Training Camp & Scientific Seminar between 4th -9th September 2017 in Berlin-GERMANY.