EWF Technical Officials’ Seminar and Workshop over in Split-Croatia
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EWF Technical Officials’ Seminar and Workshop over in Split-Croatia

EWF Technical Officials’ Seminar and Workshop over in Split-Croatia

  • 07 Nov, 2016

EWF Technical Officials’ Seminar and Workshop over in Split Croatia dates 03-06 November 2016.

Twenty-three delegates participated the seminar from nine countries.

Seminar starting with welcome message of President Urso as follows:

President of Croatian Federation,

Damian Krklec,

General Secretary Croatian Federation,

Jaksa Ivanisevic

Chairwoman of EWF TO

Tina Beiter,

TO of national weightlifting federations

Dear Friends,

First of all, I would like to thank you, the General Secretary Dr Hasan Akkus for his invaluable support to all activities of EWF but, in particular, to directly all of you today my welcome speech in Split on the occasion of this update and refresh seminar on the activity of referees in every variation.

I want to thank the generous hospitality of the Croatian Weightlifting Federation, through its President and an extraordinary organizing committee, really busy preparing for the upcoming European Senior Championships of 2017 sure to witness a great event for our sport.

It is precisely to ensure the next European Championships in Split the best support that the EWF decided to organize this seminar in the city that will host this great event.

The Referees, will never cease to point out, they are those who give us the chance to compete through the impartiality of the rules and the proper conduct of all the delicate stages of a competition. This unfailing contribution must have a continuous comfort and continuous updates on all issues that concern precisely the activity of a Referees. It is in this spirit of this seminar, as well as all the others have been organized by EWF.

I want to thank Tina Beiter which this year was called to lead the world of TO in Europe. I know the qualities and expertise and I am sure that will be able not only to respect the great traction of the EWF, but the right ones to bring new idea and innovations that we always put in parallel with the needs of modern weightlifting.

To all of you a thank you for having honoured us with your presence and at the same time, give us a great comparison of experiences considered your highest professional level.

I wish you to live this experience together with the wonderfully beautiful city of Split.

A warm hug to all of you.

Dr Antonio Urso

EWF President

President of Croatian WF and General Secretary Mr Damian Krklec and Jaksa Ivanisevic welcomed delegates.

Ms Tina Beiter she is chairwoman of the EWF Technical Committee gave lessons to participants in thermotical session of the seminar.

Titles of the Seminar;

1) Major rule changes.

2) The general rules and Incorrect movements of the snatch and clean and jerk

3) Duties of technical officials

4) Clarification of the lifters outfit (according to IWF Rules)

5) Weigh-in

5) Duties of Referee, TC, TK, CM

Afternoon session continued with practice session and referees attended the Croatian National Championships, they share all technical official positions during the competitions. More than hundred lifters competed from several weightlifting clubs.

The workshop ended next day afternoon on 5th November 2016.

The EWF would like to thank the Croatian Weightlifting Federation for successful organization and great hospitality and also EWF thanks IWF for supporting the seminar.