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EWF Seminar for Coaching the Next Generation is over in Rome-ITALY

EWF Seminar for Coaching the Next Generation is over in Rome-ITALY

  • 21 Mar, 2018

EWF Seminar for Coaching the Next Generation is over in Rome-ITALY

The seminar opened by Giovanni Malagò -President of CONI, Alberto Miglietta-CEO of CONI, Col Remo Del Favero-Comandante C.S.O.E. and Dr. Antonior Urso EWF President.

EWF General Secretary Dr. Hasan Akkus, EWF Treasurer Astrit Hasani, EWF CRSC Chairman Colin Buckley, IWF EB members Karoliina Lundahl, Maxim Agapitov, IWF CRC Chairman Kamal Mahmoud Mahgoup and IWF ADC Chairman Dr. Patrick Schamasch and fifty-one delegates from twenty-seven national federations attended the seminar.

List of countries attending the seminar: BIH, BLR, CZE, DEN, EGY, EST, FIN, FRA, GBR, GER, GRE, HUN, ICE, IRL, ITA, KOS, LAT, LIT, LUX, MLT, NED, NOR, SLO, SMR, SWE, TUR, UKR, WAL.

 In opening speech, EWF President Urso thanked President of CONI Mr. Giovanni Malaga for supporting the seminar, Mr. Col Remo Del Favero for hosting the seminar in Olympic Centre of Italian Army, the representatives of IWF and everyone for attending the Seminar in Rome.  

In particular, he thanked IWF CRC Chairman Kamal Mahmoud Mahgoup and EWF CRSC Colin Buckley for efforts.

He stated that he announces the realization of European Academy for weightlifting sport. This project became on life in Rome where the Academy will have permanent place in the Olympic Centre of the Italian Army located in Via degli Arditi, nr 1.

Invited delegate made presentation between 2nd-3rd February 2018, the presentations are as follows: 


Coaching Philosophy 

Dr. Antonio Urso (ITA) ….click

Qualification Process

Dr Giorgio Berloffa (ITA) ….click

European Coaching Pathway

Colin Buckley (IRL) ….click

Presentations Youth Development programs in operation


Karoliina Lundahl (FIN) ….click


Kamal Mahmoud Mahgoub (EGY)


Maxim Agapitov (RUS) ….click


Eduards Andruskevics (LAT)


Jan-André Patzke (GER) ….click


Antonio Urso (ITA) ….click

Anti-Doping Education

Anti-Doping Education 

Dr. Patrick Schamasch IWF ADC ….click

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