EWF General Congress 2021, Rovaniemi, Finland-updated
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EWF General Congress 2021, Rovaniemi, Finland-updated

EWF General Congress 2021, Rovaniemi, Finland-updated

  • 26 Sep, 2021

European Weightlifting Federation Congress was held in Lapland Hotels Chalet on Friday September 24, 2021, with 37 Member Federations present, of which 29 in Rovaniemi, Finland, and the remaining eight online. In these special times the digital technology makes it possible for those in quarantine or otherwise unable to travel made the Congress possible. EWF Interim President Maxim Agapitov opened the meeting via Zoom and welcomed the Congress to Rovaniemi together with the organizing country Finnish Weightlifting Federation President Tarmo Kuusisto. The competition organization was presented by LOC General Secretary Marko Keskitalo.

EWF General Secretary Milan Mihaijlovic introduced the EWF Executive Board who sat up front united. A gap within the Executive Board was closed for the good of the sport as self-suspended EB members Tina Beiter, Denise Offerman and David Kipshidze returned to duty for the Championships.

The Congress followed a routine agenda although a discussion about the order of items took place at the start. Selected officials to the Championships were confirmed as well as the mentioning the work of EB member Colin Buckley as the Covid-officer whose dedication to the return to competitions after the pandemic close-down was praised. Before the coffee break the Congress accepted the reports of the General Secretary Mihajlovic and Treasurer Astrit Hasani. EWF Committee reports held by TC Chair Tina Beiter and CRSC Chair Colin Buckley were approved. Congress was also updated with latest information by Hasan Akkus via zoom. 

After the coffee break the Congress held serious discussions about sensitive issues around the recent break-up of the EWF Executive Board. The Interim President Maxim Agapitov was heard as well as Executive Board Members lead by David Kipshidze. 

As a result, the Congress was quite united in not accepting the report of the Interim President. Mr Agapitov promised to update his report per request of the Member Federation representative Ashley Metcalfe of Great Britain.

Furthermore, the Congress supported a vote of ‘No Confidence’ in Maxim Agapitov, Interim President by 29 versus 4.

As proposed by Member Federations the reform process which was agreed upon in Doha International Weightlifting Federation Constitutional Congress, an EWF Extraordinary Congress will be held as soon as possible, if constitutionally possible, even before the upcoming IWF Elections. It was noted that Hasan Akkus can come back before Congress and continue with president position. 

Also included on the Agenda was the notion of the inclusion of the new IWF Constitution into the EWF Constitution. At the end the Member Federations ended up voting for the Extraordinary Congress at a remarkable 90% unity (28 of 31) to continue the reform progress in Europe. It is important that Europe will have strong representation in its own leadership as well as the international level.