EWF European Coaches Forum 17-19 January 2014 Rome
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EWF European Coaches Forum 17-19 January 2014 Rome

EWF European Coaches Forum 17-19 January 2014 Rome

  • 20 Jan, 2014

The EWF European Coaches Forum took place at the Centro di Preparazione Olimpica in Rome.

38 delegates from 28 National Federations were in attendance.  

Topic : The introduction of a “European Coaching Passport”

The 21st Century Coaching Pathway was used as a working document. 2 great days of communication, discussions and the sharing of coaching procedures from different National Federations.

 EWF European Coaches Forum started at 19:15 on 17 Jan 2014 with the participations of;

Mr Antonio Urso (EWF President), Mr Hasan AKKUS (EWF General Secretary), Mr Marino Ercolani Casadei (EWF Treasurer), Mr Benny Johansson (EWF Vice President), Mr Colin Buckley (EWF EB Member), Mr Milan Mihajlovic (IWF Represantive), Mr Andreas Andrén (Eleiko),  Mr Isgandar Asgarov (AZE), Mr Khannar Nabiyev (AZE), Mr Jean-Paul Ferrari (BEL), Mr Namik Omerovic (BIH), Mrs Eleftheria Vlachopoulou (CYP), Mrs Petra Klimparová (CZE), Mr Radim Kozel (CZE), Mr Matías Fernández (ESP), Mr Lydon Mürgimäe (EST), Mr Mirkko Kiiss (EST), Mrs Karoliina Lundahl (FIN), Mr Menoni Daniel (FRA), Mr Lechevalier Renaud (FRA), Mr Tamas Feher (GBR), Mr Irakli Gugushvili (GEO), Mr Lárus Páll Pálsson (ICE), Mr Neil Dougan (IRL), Mr Haim Lebel (ISR), Mr Marco Di Marzio (ITA), Mr Astrit Hasani (KOS), Mr Jesmond Caruana (MLT), Mrs Janne Grostad (NOR), Mr Arne Grostad (NOR), Mr Dociu Enciu Virgil (ROU), Mr Maxim Agapitov (RUS), Mr Damjan Canzek (SLO), Mr Stefano Guidi (SMR), Mr Tschan Daniel (SUI), Mr Erling Åkesson (SWE), Mr Cinar Yazici (TUR), Mr Raif Ozel (TUR).

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President Urso welcomed all delegation. He thanked to delegate for attending the Coaches Froum and thanked to Mr Colin Buckley (EWF Executive Board Member) and Dr Akkus (EWF General Secretary), and Mr Benny Johansson (EWF Technical and Scientific Committee Chairman) and Mr Milan Mihajlovic (IWF Represantative).

He mentioned about history that years ago coaches were coach and doctor and physiotherapist etc. Weightlifting run very fast. We know how to use barbell to improve strength and conditioning. We need put scientific training on the table. We have knowledge of barbell secret for other sports. IWF helps to Continental Federations with special contribution. The Continental Federations take 175,000 USD from IWF. EWF bought 2 barbels and 190 kg disks for donation of National Federation and EWF organized referee clinics in Sweden and now we are in Coaches Forum in Rome and EWF will organize Scientific Seminar in Tel Aviv. EWF spends all contribution from IWF to develop the Weightlifting in Europea. Mr Colin Buckley is our engine to organize seminers and forums. Tomorrow some companies will show new technologies for Weightlifting. About the couching, main question are who is trainer, what is the minimum standards of trainer. Next two days the delegates from 28 countries will discuss about couching and share the knowledge. A short time ago first e-book published which is related with Weightlifting.

He thanked again to all delegation and gave floor to Mr Milan Mihajlovic.

On behalf of IWF Mr Mihajlovic thanked to EWF for invitation. He stated that an educated person has the ability to make difference right and wrong and it is the foremost reponsibility of sport organization to educate its coaches and their edicators. IWF organize it own Educational Seminars during World Championships and published “Club Coach Level 1 Manual”. IWF has transfered the sum of the 175,000 USD, Continental Contribution for 2013 to EWF. Today EWF Forum focuses attention “to review guidelines and agree proposals for a EWF Level 1 and Level 2 Coaching Pathway”. The forum is a good example of cooperation between the two institution, IWF and EWF, which is necessary and welcome. On behalf of IWF, he wishes all the best to all forum participants and looking forward for development of our beloved sport.

Then Mr Colin Buckley took the floor and gave details information about 21st Century Coaching Framework, Coach and Tutor Assimilation Pathway, European Coaching Passport and working principles and aims of EWF Coaches Forum.

Documents related with EWF Coaches Forum;

EWF Coaches Forum

21st Century Coaching Framework


Coach and Tutor Assimilation Pathway

Forum Format

Break Away Guidelines


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