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EWF Coaches Research & Scientific Conference over in Dublin IRELAND

EWF Coaches Research & Scientific Conference over in Dublin IRELAND

  • 10 Oct, 2016

EWF Coaches Research & Scientific Conference held in Dublin-IRELAND  between 7th-8th October 2016 with participation of 62 national coaches from 23 countries.

EWF Officials and presenters were;

Dr Antonio Urso (ITA) -EWF President

Dr Hasan Akkus (TUR) -EWF General Secretary

Dr Mike Irani (GBR) - IWF Chairman Medical Committee

Dr Eamonn Fanagan (IRL) - Institute of Sport, Sport Ireland

Dr Jay Hoffman (USA) - University of Central Florida

Aveenash Pandoo (INA) - IWF Coaching & Research Committee, High Performance Coach

Colin Buckley (IRL) - EWF Chairman Coaching Research & Scientific Committee

Tom Geogebuer (BEL) - IWF Athlete Commission. Three-time Olympic athlete, EWF CRSC

Genadi Hiskia  (ISR)

The delegates came from Albania, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Kosovo, Lithuania, Norway, Romania, Spain, Slovakia, Sweden, Turkey, USA, Ukraine and Wales.

During the Seminar a lot of scientific studies were presented and coaches share their personal experiences with each other.

President Urso welcomes with a message and stated that:

Dear Delegates

Dear Friends,

Ladies and Gentlemen

It is a real pleasure for me to be in Ireland and especially in Dublin for another scientific seminar organized by the EWF with the support of the development program of the IWF.

I am particularly happy to be here because many of these projects we share together with Colin Buckley, President of the Irish Association, Executive Member of EWF and Chairman of Coaching Research & Scientific Committee a real engine that drives these projects up to their brilliant organization.

Another extraordinary support in every organization of the EWF is given by General Secretary Dr Hasan Akkus for its extraordinary precision and professional management.

I want to thank for his presence Dr Michael Irani, Executive Member of the IWF and chairman of the Medical Committee. Is also with us Tom Goegebuer Member of EWF Coaching Research & Scientific Committee which has so recently ended his carrier as lifter at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

Let me to thank all sport Representatives of Ireland, thanks to the support today in this scientific and technical education project for this new generation of European coaches.

The soul with which the EWF for some years now is investing in the energies for coach education is represented by different reasons.

The first is that our sport is now currently mainly represented by the adverse results from the positive cases of doping. The persistence of this phenomenon is dictated by an old culture run by old and unable coaches who are bringing our sport to extreme risks such as the exclusion from the Olympic Games.

The second is that I strongly believe in this generation of coaches who have a new vision and a new mentality definitely suited to rebuild a new future fact of business degrees and great results but clean.

All this is possible, we must replace the pills with science of training and this requires time commitment and perseverance.

I am certain of your approval or we would not be here today to discuss what tools must have a professional coach.

I ask you to support this activity with determination, there are no others ways to retrieve the values of our sport in favour of the next generations. The weightlifting is the Queen of sports because we can train all and not the opposite.

I wish you all the best.


Sports Performance; Muscle stress and Chronic low-grade inflammation

Dr Antonio Urso


Dietary Supplement Strategies to Maximise Training Adaptation

Dr Jay Hoffman

IWF Anti -Doping Education

Dr Mike Irani

Velocity Based Strength Training - Practical Applications for Weightlifting

Dr Eamon Flanagan

Online Journal for Weightlifters & Coaches

Genadi Hiskia

Sports Supplements

Dr Mike Irani

Somatotypes of Weightlifters

Dr Hasan Akkus

EWF Coaching Pathway

Colin Buckley

21st Century Coaching Pathway

Colin Buckley

2016 Olympic Preparation

Aveenash Pandoo

2016 Olympic Preparation

Tom Geogebuer