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Norwegian Weightlifting Federation Electoral Congress    /   2017-03-29

The Norwegian Weightlifting Federation held its Elections on 26th March 2017


There were two candidates for the position of president. A female candidate proposed by the electoral committee, and Stian Grimseth proposed by one of the clubs.  Approximately 60% of the delegates voted for Hilde Næss. This gave Norway the first female weightlifting president in the history of the federation.


New elected Executive board members are:


President: Hilde Næss

Vice President: Tryggve Duun

Member: Katarina Hoff

Member: Børge Aadland

Member: Fredrik Kvist Gyllensten

Deputy member: Tor Steinar Herikstad

Deputy member: Ingvild Pettersen Ervik

Norwegian Weightlifting Federation