EWF Training Camp and Scientific Seminar is over on 24th September 2016 in Spain, Valencia with participation of 31 weightlifters, 16 coaches and five EWF officials.

Total 54 delegates from 11 nations attended the EWF Training Camp and Scientific Seminar.

EWF Officials are;

Dr Hasan Akkus             EWF General Secretary,

Emilio E Lozano            EWF EB VP,

Colin Buckley                EWF Chairman of Coaching Research & Scientific Committee,

Eduards Andruskevics   EWF Member of Coaching Research & Scientific Committee,

Damyan Canzek            EWF Member of Coaching Research & Scientific Committee.


The weightlifters came from Albania Spain, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Malta, Slovenia, Slovakia, and Turkey.

From the city sport authorities Mr Jose Vicente Berlanga Barona (President of Valencia Sport Foundation) and Manuel Duenas Perez (Sport Councillor of Alboraya) visited the training centre and seminar.

Young weightlifters start day early morning with callisthenic exercises at the beach then after breakfast they go to weightlifting training centre for morning session training. Afternoon training sessions start at 15:00 and after dinner coaches attend the daily seminar at the hotel.

During the training camp coaches share their personal experiences with each other. German coach Michael Vater introduced the German Weightlifting Realanalyzer, he gave some examples taken by lifters.

Colin Buckley, Eduards Andruskevics and Damyan Canzek did coaching during daily training of different groups.

During Gala Dinner one of young lifter made short speech and stated that “it is great experiences for weightlifters, he wishes to thank EWF and EWF President Antonio Urso for the training camp organization”.

Pictures from the Training Camp and Scientific Seminar





The EWF would like to thank the Spanish Weightlifting Federation for successful organization

and also EWF thanks IWF for supporting the seminar.


European Weightlifting Federation