Entry & Accommodation Procedures for the

2017 EWF Junior&U23 European Weightlifting Championships, Durres-Albania

EWF Entries / Step 1

            4th to 8th September 2017

1.1       Within these five days, each federation is required to enter into the EWF Electronic Entry system a          list of the athletes, coaches and associated team officials of your federation who will be participating    in the 2017 Junior&U23 European Championships in Durres, Albania. 

This includes all personnel who will definitely participate in Durres along with any personnel whose participation at this time is still uncertain / unconfirmed.

1.2       At the same time and within these days all federations are required to enter by way of the EWF Electronic Entry system the accommodation they require: specifically, the number and type of rooms they require together with the ‘check in’ and ‘check out’ dates for all members of your group along including who will be sharing rooms.

1.3       At the same time all federations are required to provide passport photographs of all team             personnel.   

EWF Entries / Step 2

            18th to 20th September 2017

2.1       During this 72-hour period all Federations must confirm the complete list of their participating athletes and team personnel. This is their opportunity (without any penalty) to change, correct, or cancel any of the participating athletes they entered in Step 1 and also to correct and confirm the accommodation they require.  Any missing photographs must also be provided at this time.

2.2       Based upon their corrected and confirmed submission on 21st-22nd September 2017, the Organiser will calculate the accommodation and accreditation costs for your federation based upon the following costs:

2.2(i)    Single Room

            €130.00 (euros) including breakfast, lunch and dinner - per person per night

2.2(ii)   Twin Bedded  / Double Room

            €110.00 (euros) including breakfast, lunch and dinner - per person per night

2.2(iii) Triple room

            €90.00 (euros) including breakfast, lunch and dinner - per person per night

2.2(iv)  Local Transportation

The KWF provides transportation between the Tirana Airport and official accommodation hotels and from the team hotels to Tirana Airport for arrival and departure of delegates.

2.2(v)   Accreditation

            The fee is €150.00 (euros) per person for all members of the participating teams.

2.3       Payment Regulations

2.3(i)    EWF Executive Board Members do not pay for their transportation, accommodation (including one day prior to and one day after the Executive Board meeting) and accreditation: for Durres this means 12 to 14 October 2017.

            If an Executive Board Member wishes to attend the competition after 14 October 2017 they are             required to pay for both their accommodation, accreditation - UNLESS - they           have also been             appointed as a Technical Official for the Championships.


2.3(ii)   Technical Officials selected by the EWF including Jury Members, Referees, Technical Controllers      and Doctors do NOT PAY for their Accommodation and the Accreditation Fee.

2.3(iii)  Members of the EWF Technical Committee, Coaching Research & Scientific Committee and Medical Committees attending their respective Committee Meetings (who are not an appointed Technical Officials) PAY for their accommodation but do NOT PAY the Accreditation Fee unless they choose to stay for the competitions.

2.3(iv)  Delegates attending the EWF Congress on 14 October 2017 MUST PAY for their accommodation:             Should they also wish to attend the Championship Competitions following the Congress,             they must        also PAY for the Accreditation Fee.

2.3(v)   EWF Competition Officials, including Doctors and along with Anti-Doping Officials, and bona fide             members of the Media including journalists, photographers along with Radio & Television reporters             and technicians do NOT pay the Accreditation fee.

EWF Entries / Step 3

3.1       Between 21st to 22nd September 2017, the Albanian WF shall send by email to each participating federation an official, stamped invoice back listing all of the costs for which each federation is responsible for payment in respect of their participating team.

3.1(i)    If a federation disagrees with any of the costs or calculations they must immediately inform the AWF by e-mail.

EWF Entries / Step 4

            23rd to 25th September 2017

4.1       During this period each federation is required to pay 100% of costs as detailed in the Invoice             emailed to each federation in the previous week.

4.1(i)    This payment must be by bank transfer (in euros) directly to the following account:


Euro € account

Account No                 : 00000911584 EU

IBAN                            : AL50 2121 1157 0000 0000 0091 1584

Swift code                   : CDISALTRXXX

Address of Bank         : Federata Shqiptare e Peshengritjes 01101 Tirane TR

                                    RR. Stadiumi Qemal Stafa  DEGA CREDINS TIRANA 5


4.1(ii)   At the same time as each federation makes its payment it is required to email to the Albanian            Weightlifting Federation a copy of the bank transfer documentation confirming that the transfer has             been made email: the email address for this confirmation is;




4.2       Please note that compliance with the procedures described above is obligatory for all national           member federations of the European Weightlifting Federation. Any failure to provide the required           information and/or payment may result in the cancellation of their federation’s requested             accommodation.

5          Cancellations, Additional Bookings & Changes

5.1(i)    Should any federation wish to cancel any room reservations after 20th September 2017 they must             immediately contact the AWF in writing (by email).

When the AWF receives such a cancellation request they will ask the hotel to re-sell the             cancelled rooms: if they are successful in re-selling the room(s) the AWF will refund the federation by bank transfer less the bank charges incurred in making the refund.

5.1(ii)   Accreditation Fees will also be refunded by the AWF by bank transfer for any cancelled             participants less the bank charges incurred in making the refund.

5.2       After 20th September 2017, should a federation request any additional hotel rooms the AWF will use their 'best efforts' to accommodate the additional team members in the same hotel as the other members of the team. However, this cannot be guaranteed.

Between the 20th September 2017 and 27th September 2017 all payments for additional accommodation must be paid by bank transfer upon receipt of a supplementary Invoice from the AWF / OC which will also include the additional costs for accreditation.

5.3       For any additional requests made after 27th September 2017, the accommodation and accreditation    costs must be paid upon arrival in cash as detailed on the supplementary invoice from the AWF.

6:         Important Notes

6.1       No accommodation is guaranteed until the full payment is received.

6.2       The Accommodation and Accreditation Office will be located at Hotel Durres,

6.3       When teams arrive at Tirana Airport they will be transferred to the one of the official accommodation hotels in Durres: Team Managers will be taken to the Accreditation office to verify that all payments have been made and to collect your team’s accreditation cards.

            Once the Team Manager has verified the accommodation list and collected the accreditation cards   he/she will receive the room authorization for his/her team’s rooms to present to the hotel reception:             the task of the AWF is to process each team within 30 minutes of their arrival.

6.4       Any member of a team abusing or behaving improperly towards the AWF Accommodation and Accreditation team may have their personal accreditation card withheld.   

6.5       If a team has any questions or concerns regarding this new procedure they are required to contact            Hasan Akkus, EWF General Secretary:  secretariat@ewfed.com

7:         Team Manager’s Meeting – Verification of Final Entries Meeting

            13th October 2017 at 18.00-19.00

7.1       One Team Manager from each participating National Federations is required to attend this             meeting to confirm the names, categories and entry totals of their athletes including the correct             spelling of their athletes’ names as they appear in their respective passports.

7.2       All team Managers are required to attend at 18.00 at which time there will be a roll call of the             national federations.

7.3       At this meeting there will be a briefing of all the arrangements relating to accommodation, meals, local transportation, training and competition. This will also be the main opportunity for Team Managers to ask any questions. 

Accreditation will take place in the Accreditation Center is in Tropikal Resort Hotel Durres upon arrival.

Competition 15-21 Oct0ber 2017