EWF Second Training Camp and Seminar in 2017 is organized in Berlin Olympic Training Centre. Total sixty-four delegates attended the training camp from fourteen EWF Member Federations.

German Weightlifting Federation welcomed 34 athletes and 22 coaches and 8 officials.

Fourteen national federations attended the training camp as AUT, BEL, CRO, ESP, GER, GRE, HUN, IRL, ISR, LAT, MLT, SMR, TUR, UKR.


EWF Officials are:

Dr. Hasan AKKUS -EWF General Secretary

Colin Buckley -EWF CRS Committee Chairman

Eduards Andruskevics -EWF CRS Committee member

Tom Goegebuer -EWF CRS Committee Member


German WF officials are:

Christian Baumgartner-President of German WF

Frank Mantek -Sport Director

Michael Vater -Federal Coach

Jochen Stüber – Federal Coach

Jan Patzke – Federal Coach

Marc Huster – Federal Coach

Heike Winchenbach -Office Manager of German WF

Dr. Jürgen Lippmann- Scientist


Weightlifters start day with calisthenics exercises, after breakfast they go to weightlifting hall for morning training following afternoon weightlifting training.

In the weightlifting training, German WF Scientists Dr. Jürgen Lippmann and Jan Patzke Introduce biomechanical analysis system which is developed by German WF.

Each lift analyses real time in training hall.


After lunch coaches and officials attend seminars,


Seminar titles are:

Coach Program & "I coach Kids EU Program" by Colin Buckley

German Athletic School by Jochen Stüber

Anti-Doping On-Line Education Program by Colin Buckley

Video Analysis German System Dr. Jürgen Lippmann

Doping prevention in Weightlifting NADA Thomas Berghoff

EWF Electronic Media Hasan Akkus


In addition, President of German WF Mr Christian Baumgartner organized round table for discussion on actual problems of world weightlifting.

Round table participants are:

Dr. Christian Baumgartner -President of German WF

Frank Mantek -Sport Director

Marc Huster -Coach- Media Eurosport

Ron Ringuth -Media Eurosport

Michael Vater -National coach

Heike Winchenbach -Administrative

Eric Schneidenbach -Marketing

Dr. Hasan AKKUS -EWF General Secretary

Colin Buckley -EWF CRS Committee Chairman

Tom Goegebuer -EWF CRS Member


EWF would like to thank the German Weightlifting Federation for great hospitality and successful organization and special thanks to Michael Vater and his team, they pay special attention to delegates every time during training camp.

In addition, EWF thanks IWF for supporting the training camp and seminar.


Pictures from Training Camp and Seminar